The Deck I've Been Handed

4 Suits. 13 ranks. 52 cards.

A collection of poetry and prose told through the faces of playing cards. Life is a poker game; aces full of nostalgia, kings searching for a sense of identity, queens with love to spare and jacks balancing the line of belief and unbelief. The house deals cards about family, love, trauma, losing and finding yourself all over again. Life is a poker game with only the one hand dealt, so it's best to make do with the deck you've been handed.

By L.J. Elizabeth

Published 07/05/2023

The Fragility of a Downpour

A book of poetry told in a series of seasons with themes of falling in and out of love, and accepting what is. Written by two teenaged authors with captivating language and strong emotions, join us on this journey through the seasons.

By Margaret Phoenix and L.J. Elizabeth

Published 01/17/2021